On Fridays we Upload Poetry

The Anatomy of My Brain

I look at the anatomy of the brain,

With a certain amount of envy

Oh how I wish…

My brain is made of bees

They have busy little lives

Don’t stay inside their grey matter hives

Things That Distract the Bees

Including, But not limited to

The trees, the leaves, the breeze my knees.

Hogs, bogs, logs, Jacob Rees Mogg

All the rest of his bastard chums, Don’t get me started.

Dogs. Always Dogs.

Once a frog

He was just there in my bag of compost,

I wondered why it was moving.

The flowers, the powers, the hours.

Flour. Seriously never use all chestnut.

The heroes, the villains, the princes, the paupers.

The numbers, the colours, the letters.

The b s the e s the c s and the d s.

All the notes really.

They like music, the bees.

It is a sweet melody. The song of the rainbow.

It is one the bees will always sing.

It is only when the rain.

Falls in my brain.

That they start to sting.

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