Top Jonny Banana

Is a thing that people say occasionally round my way. If something is top Jonny banana it means its really good.

I use it a lot in the kitchen. Never hurts to be proud of your work right?

M grew up in Slovakia. Its a long way from Pontypridd. M asked me one day “Becky, who is Jonny Banana?” We laughed as I explained.

From then on Jonny Banana became the mythical villain of the hotel kitchen. A formidable chef who would frighten the young commis chefs into behaving themselves.

“If those raviolis leak I’ll have to send for Jonny Banana “

“Don’t you burn those onions or Jonny Banana will be down on you”

There’s nothing like a bit of silliness to get you through the shift.

Top Jonny Banana 🍌

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