Love a special occasion..

During my trial shift at the restaurant I was asked “How’s your chocolate writing?” I nonchalantly replied “Not bad.”

It’s the calligraphy practice. A piping bag of chocolate is easy compared to dippy ink. Trust and believe.

Inside I was dancing. Oh how I love a special occasion plate! There’s something about doing that little bit extra for a customer that just makes me happy. I think it’s the thought that I play a little part in someone’s special day.

I have even been known to peep into the dining room just to watch the customer’s reaction. What can I say I’m a sentimental old fart.

Birthdays are most common.

Love a bit of whimsy

But anniversaries are my favourite

Such an old romantic.

I’ve done chocolate writing for Christmas petit fours

Fa la la la la lala

To cheer up a sick colleague

Even to celebrate the end of a lock down

You name it and I’ll write it in chocolate. It is far and away my favourite part of the job.

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