I get into bed and then I have a bit of a kip…

Says Eddie to Richie, in that episode of Bottom, when he is asked about his going to bed routine.

After working an evening shift that is usually me. Get everything ready and get into bed as quickly as I possibly can. There are those who might say this is not healthy, that you need to have a proper going to bed routine.

Unfortunately a lot of advice for coping with anxiety and other mental health conditions does centre around a regular routine. As well meaning as it all is it is very muched geared towards a 9-5 lifestyle. This is not the reality of the millions of people who work shifts. I can’t be asleep by 11 if I’m still at work at 12:40 ( sure there have been nights where it would just have been easier to keep my sleeping bag in the kitchen but still.)

I am lucky enough however that I never work Monday evenings. On Monday evenings I have my regular counselling session and I have built up a regular routine around it which has become a comfort to me.

So it’s dinner at 6. Stardew Valley at 6:30. Counselling at 8. Bath at 9. Then tea, teeth and sleep.

My head is currently nodding over my Bird and Blend relaxing Blend. Valerian and orange. Looks vile, tastes lovely.

Little bit inky this.

Last week was a long one. It was a little tough. I have been feeling rather fragile the last two days. Last night I felt like I only slept for an hour at a time.

Tonight I need my Monday routine more than ever. Once I’ve finished my tea I’ll have a bit of a kip.

Nos da lovelies.

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