It’s not just that it’s free beer…

Cheers 🍻

At the restaurant we’re very lucky we get a free drink after work on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a lovely perk of course.

“We asked 100 people to name something chefs like. You said beer. Our survey said…”

Ding Ding Top Answer.

Yes most chefs are partial to a drop of beer.

But it isn’t just that it’s free beer. An after shift drink is so much more than that.

I’ve spoken before about how tough a weekend service can be. Bodies get exhausted. Brains get foggy. Sometimes tempers fray.

But when you reach the end of the night you all clink glasses. You say cheers. Everyone is equal now. We’re friends, compadres, amigos.

The night was tough but the team survived.

It makes that first sip all the more refreshing.

Cheers team!

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