Chimi, Chimi, Chimi a farm after midnight.

“Pass the chimichurri” comes the cry from down the table. Over the steak, the lamb, the chicken, the sausages, past the coal baked potatoes, the roasted beetroots, the asparagus and broccoli, the salad, that were all growing less than an hour ago. The chimichurri is duly passed. Full of the food, the sunshine, the joys and maybe more importantly the beer and the wine. The table breaks into song “Chimi, chimi, chimi.” Sorry ABBA.

We feast!

OK you must be thinking what is this some Game of Thrones, First Day at Hogwart’s feast? No no my dears. Even better than that. Its farm day!

Down on the farm

The restaurant has a small farm which supplies so many of our delicious vegetables and herbs. When the sign up sheet to help out for a day went on the wall I couldn’t put up my name fast enough. As much as I love living in Bristol my soul was looking forward to getting outside the city for a while. I’ve talked about the joys of hard work in the garden before. I’ll say it again. Hard work. Its good for the soul.

Just as well. There is a lot to do.

First job weeding the asparagus bed. I love asparagus. I love that it’s roots go around 10 feet deep. I love that it takes three years to get a crop. I love that the shoots look almost alien esque as they peep through the soil. Of course I love the taste. Weeding I don’t love so much but it is a satisfying job to get done.

In the asparagus fields.

Satisfied with a job well done we split into teams! Team puce for life! Our teams first job. Planting corn and courgettes. We get our rakes out and get to work on the bed.

Raking it in!

In no time at all everything is planted and looking great.

Planting out.

There’s nothing like a bit of team work.

Next up is clearing out the old broccoli bed. The sun is shining down beautifully. It’s thirsty work this. What time is it though? Oh yes I make that beer o clock.


Our thirst suitably slaked it’s back to work. Next up. Washing the Polytunnel.

A mop is fashioned out of some old bedsheets and rope. It takes four of us to sling it over the top of the polytunnel. One person to man the hose. And it’s “heave” “ho” “heave” “ho” until another job is ticked off the list.

A great invention! Sheetinator 2!

There’s a great buzz all over the farm. Other teams are strimming, planting peas and cutting bean poles. My next job is weeding and tying up the tomatoes. Excellent. There is nothing quite like the smell of tomato plants in a polytunnel. It’s beyond description its so unique. I inhale deeply. Happy and content.

Satisfaction guaranteed.
Something about that smell.

The days work is coming to a close now. Happy and tired workers all around. The beers are cool. The vegetables are gathered. Soon we feast!

Doesn’t get fresher than this!

First though it’s time for the sunflower competition.

Grow up big and strong!

I fancy Gerald’s chances.

I hearby declare farm day to be the most fun day!

How long until the next one?

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