In praise of being up high…

The high life

Not what you’re thinking you naughty lot!

Now we’re all settled (finally!) in our lovely new house Sunday walks are back on the agenda. Seriously they should never go away. My lungs still don’t really enjoy going uphill but every time my brain convinces them it’s totally worth it.

You see I love being up high! Always have. When we were kids we used to always get Dad to park right at the top of the multi storey car park. It is a testament to his patience and his enormous sense of fun that he always did.

In those days I used to run down the stairs. You won’t catch me running now of course!

A few months ago me and T went to Cheddar Gorge. I loved Jacobs Ladder when I was a kid. I still love it now. Seven year old me of course went up and down a lot quicker than 36 year old post covid me. Frankly it was a struggle!

But still. Its so high! That view is incredible. I’m grinning just thinking about it!

When we were away at the Eden Project we climbed right to the top of the dome. It was amazing! Even in the tropical heat I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. It was easier than Jacobs Ladder too.

Heaven up here!

Once I’ve got my breath back from the climb. Yes for the thousandth time cheers covid. I find a tremendous peace in being up high. Its like I leave all my worries at ground level.

Take a breath my brain says. You’re here. You deserve it. I’m always grateful for these kind words from my brain. It doesn’t always have many.


Race you to the top!


You’re a bit late for a race.

19 years to be exact.

Go on. I’ll catch you up!

Back down we go.

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