We’re on Holiday!

Me and T have come down to Brighton for the weekend! We’re heading out soon to do the tourist thing but first breakfast.

I think the main thing I love about hotel breakfast is that I don’t have to make it. Don’t get me wrong I used to enjoy doing breakfast shifts. Once I’m up on my feet I am full of the joys.

There is something wholesome about breakfast. Something that gives me as both a chef and a guest a simple sense of joy. I mean what is it? Essentially eggs bread and various bits of pig (in the Uk anyway.)

I was back at the hotel. We were shutting down the kitchen on boxing day the third lockdown being imminent. We were shutting down the kitchen after breakfast service. I was pretty depressed about everything.

Until. I heard about the night porters. We had two at the hotel M and B. It was M’s night to work. B came to the hotel after his shift so they could have breakfast together. It was a Christmas tradition.

It was the most basic of breakfast checks.

2 Full, FE, White

Translation two full English with fried egg and white toast.

I smiled through the rest of the shift. It’s the sometimes the smallest things that bring us joy.

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    Margaret griffiths

    I rnjoyed


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