Chocolate. Its Good for You!

If you are here expecting an article on the antioxidant benefits of organic dark chocolate then I have to say sorry right now. This is not the article for you.

You see I have always thought there are other ways food can be good for you. There’s the pride and satisfaction of crafting it. There’s the companionship in sharing it. There’s the pleasure you can find in the act of eating it. Taste and texture can and frequently do equal happiness.

It was at the end of last year and during an eerily quiet festive period at the hotel that I decided my chocolate skills were woefully lacking. So with time on my hands I set out to practice.

R had been off work with some mental health problems. I was very happy when they were able to come back to work. They weren’t quite themselves but certainly on the mend.

We made truffles that night. We laughed as we got covered in ganache. Too warm. Too warm. Back in the freezer quick. Too cold. Quick under the lights. Finally they were all rolled. An arduous task but one well done.

Now to coat and decorate. We had trouble in the dipping. How to take them out of the chocolate? How to put them onto the tray without spoiling them?

The good old holey spoon was pressed into service. Spear the chocolate with a cocktail stick. Dip. Put the stick with the chocolate on it through the last hole. Gently pull out the stick leaving the truffle on the end of the spoon and use the stick to gently edge it onto the tray.

Holey spoon 5000 (patent pending)

We were proud of our invention. We made a video. We decorated them. We congratulated ourselves. We smiled as we ate far more than were strictly necessary for quality control.

I told you. Chocolate. Its good for you!

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