On Fridays we upload Poetry

Inflexible Menu Options

“OK so if I get the caffeine?”

“That comes with energy and anxiety”

Um I’m not so keen on anxiety,

Could I get happiness instead?

No substitutions.

No worries I can just leave the anxiety.

Sorry its already mixed in with the caffeine.

Well maybe I could just get a little anxiety.

How about the anxiety depression combo?

Not sure I could manage both.

It is what the chef recommends.

What about if I just order a small happiness?

Just to make you aware the happiness does have insecurity in it.


Is it an allergy?

No just a preference.

Great, so thats a large caffeine with energy and the depression anxiety combo and a small happiness which does have insecurity, just so you’re aware.

Can I get you anything else?

Thats all for today thanks.

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