In which I give myself a stern talking to.

Today I am still feeling pretty tired. My brain has decided to spice things up a bit by also adding random flashes of panic into the mix. Cheers brain. Really appreciate it.

Mine and T’s usual date night is Tuesday. Tonight we have plans to go to the pictures. I like going to the pictures. The delightful novelty of doing something so normal hasn’t worn off for me yet. I had planned to bathe at 4pm. Make dinner at 5pm and be ready to go by 7pm.


Plenty of time to rest before 4. Loads

Except that when 4 rolled around all I wanted to do was collapse into bed and nap until I was no longer tired. Fully expecting to wake up around December 2024.

That is very nearly what I did. Almost. I had my eyes closed and everything. Instead I gave myself a stern talking to.

“Get up and run your bath”

“You like having a bath”

“You like beer”

“You like peanut butter”

“You like eating stir-fry”

“You like going to the pictures”

Currently drinking a peanut butter milk stout in the bath. Then I’m going to make a stir-fry. Then we will go to the pictures.

A superlative plan.


Peanut butter beer is everything!!

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