You’re better than you think…

So tempted by a filter!

It’s been a pretty tiring night. The first Friday night I have worked in a long time. Needless to say I am not currently looking my very best.

She’s a cruel mistress, Friday night. 194 covers from 5pm onwards. Just as well I did up a few birthday plates in advance. It was a bit hairy in places. Bowls were hard to come by. Crackers didn’t puff. At one point the blowtorch got broken. There’s always an Olive that falls into the caramel!

But. We got it done. With many “by hook or by crooks” many “any ports in a storm” and one or two “keep your knickers on.” As a team we pulled together. The sense of camaraderie is what carries us through.

At one point B expressed concern that I looked worried. I replied. “I think that’s just my face at this point.” He said “Don’t worry you’re better than you think”

We all are! Amazing job everyone!

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