Getting In Early

My father is a huge fan of getting up and getting in early. He says it’s like hard work in that it is good for the soul. No he’s not a philosopher, although I reckon he would make a good one, he’s actually a software developer like T.

It is only in recent years that I have come around to his point of view.

Good morning Bristol!

I mean you just don’t get views like that at 4pm!

We love you Bristol

Sorry I digress. This is not all about loving on Bristol.

Rather it is in where I announce myself as a morning person.

Today I got in early. I love getting in early. You see the kitchen is a noisy place. I forget who it was who said “professional cooking is a loud racket” but they were absolutely right. The kitchen is a noisy place.

It’s not always great for my anxiety.


There’s just something about the peace it provides in the early morning. The calm before the storm. It soothes me. Allows me to relax into the day.

As usual my father is right. Getting in early. It’s good for you.

A moments peace.

Mine is a double espresso.

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