Blossoms. An homage to spring.

So it is a little ironic that as I write this piece about springtime I am sat outside Left Handed Giant Brewpub in a jumper and my parka shivering.

Bit chilly.

Yes spring seems a little bit shy this year. Winter has been trying to bully his way back in but it is inevitable that spring must triumph in the end.

The triumph of spring is heralded by the blossoms. I have loved tree blossoms since I was a little girl. I remember being taken to the park to admire the cherry blossoms.

So delicate

Even then, as young as I was, they brought me a tremendous sense of optimism. Its like the world is being renewed.

Pretty in pink

It might still be cold but the sun is still shining. The sky is blue.

The days are longer. The mornings are lighter.

The world is fresh and new.

Let’s give spring some encouragement!

She’s winning!

One response to “Blossoms. An homage to spring.”

  1. Love it, our grapple is nearly there t and n x

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