An Incident with My Brain

**trigger warning for violence**

**content warning for graphic description of a panic attack**

Have you ever hidden?


Frightened of your brain.

As it crashes through itself.


Rummaging through the cupboard.

Throwing the contents aside.

It has that dangerous glint.

As it demands.

What’s this?

Just a trip to the cinema,

You stammer.

After everything I told you!

You know its dangerous.


It was fun.

We were happy there.

Happy it scoffs.

Were you happy drinking those extra coffees too?

Happy with the beers.


The laugh.

It is dangerous.

You shrink.

Retreat into yourself.

It is futile.

You know.

You can’t stay hidden.

Not when it’s like this.


Don’t soothe.

Don’t smile.


It will be calm again.

It will.

I love you

It says.

You know I would never hurt you.

I just want what’s best.

A bit of beauty for some ugly subject matter.

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