The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlestick Maker

My friend the butcher.

But the greengrocer is my favourite.

You see I love doing real old fashioned food shopping. I have done ever since I was small. I think when I was small the sticks of Panda liquorice and aniseed balls from Peaches the greengrocer may have had something to to with it.

There’s a wonderful sense of calm satisfaction. A sort of domestic bliss about taking my bag and heading out to the shops.

Now I’ll never willingly be a housewife. Those long, long months stuck at home on furlough were not good for my mental health.

My weekly trip to the shops just about saved my sanity. I like to support local businesses. I like to buy local produce.

Such gorgeous produce!

Most of all though. I love to chat. I am an extrovert through and through and during the lockdowns I just missed those daily interactions. I’m a sucker for small talk.

Wednesday used to be the highlight of my week.

Of course now I am back at work. The world has opened up again. Its a great feeling. If still a little bit daunting.

My shopping habits haven’t changed though.

On Friday I was making a beef pie. Shin is by far my favourite cut of beef for a pie. Cue a trip to the butcher. 650g of Shin. “Do you want me to dice it up for you?” “Ooh yes please. It will be perfect for my pie” Service, with a chat and a smile.


It was a wonderful day for pie.

Friday pie day.

Long live the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Long live the greengrocer. Long live the independent retailers.

Shout out to

Kelvins Butchers on East Street

Hugos Greengrocer of North Street

Flips Deli on North Street.

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