My Ribs and Other Stories

Aka A Catalogue of Ridiculous Injuries

Category is things Becky says…

If you can’t laugh at yourself…

“I’m really clumsy so I work with knives and fire all day.” That’s a top five answer easy!

Yes I’m a clumsy girl. I was always the kid with scabby knees. I once punched myself in the face drinking a glass of water. You should have seen the state of my finger after that hazelnut bruised it, (dear God don’t ask, or if you are really that curious ask away, I might just tell you!) Don’t even want to remember the time I fell off that gate!

You get the picture. Clumsiness lives here!

I am very lucky that in all my years in the kitchen I have never had a serious injury. Sure I have had my fair share of cuts and burns, bumps and bruises but never anything major. For that I am very thankful.

Still I write this in a fair bit of pain.

Current survival kit.

At the moment my ribs are the trouble.

Now while I really wish I had a funny story about my ribs I do not. I have spoken before about my slow recovery from covid. The fact is that my chest just isn’t what it was. I am more sensitive to dust, smoke and chemicals. I am more susceptible to chesty coughs.

That’s where the trouble started. Last Thursday I hurt my ribs through coughing. Now who would have thought you used your ribs so much?

Yes exactly.

T said to me the other day “You’re not very good at being ill are you?” I am not. Just like at the beginning of the year I currently feel frustrated with my own body.

Now I know I could have it a lot worse. I am grateful every day for my strength. Grateful for all the wonderful things I can do. I am grateful for my physical health. I am sorry that for the longest time I took it for granted.

I’ve definitely learned a lesson there. I’m sure I’ll be better soon.

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