A Busy Wedding Season

Now I dread to think just how many weddings I have worked over the years. It has to be a staggeringly large number considering that was pretty much all I did in my first kitchen job.

Weddings I have attended as a guest? Not nearly as many. In fact before last summer I hadn’t been to a wedding for 10 years.

The tables have turned as of last summer though. I don’t work so many now but being in my mid (ish) (cough cough, 37 next birthday, cough) the invitations have been coming thick and fast.

Me and T have been invited to 5 weddings over the last two years.

I love a wedding! Of course I do!

Scrubbed up!

Sentimental old fart? Tick!

Extravert who loves to chat? Tick!

Loves food? Tick! Tick!

You dancing? Oh you bet your sweet butt that’s a tick!

I love working weddings. I just love to be a part of someone’s special day. And if I can write them something in chocolate then all the better!

But for me being a guest just has the edge. Nothing like a day off in your finery am I right?

Last weekend it was the wedding of the lovely Mr and Mrs H. Mrs H, I am very pleased to say is my cousin and my friend. One of the sweetest and funniest people I know. Plus she let me help her make her wedding cupcakes. Mr H isn’t bad either by the way!

Hello the best of both worlds!

Wedding Cakes.
Love a black forest!

Cakes all made. I said. “The next time I see you you’ll be walking down the aisle”

The wedding was a perfect day. Despite the rain (cheers Wales.) The church was lovely. The ceremony was heavy on the singing.

The reception was at the gorgeous Llanerch Vineyard. The staff were all incredible. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard serving us. The food was impeccable. Thank you chefs. The evening band absolutely blew everyone away. It was an absolutely text book day.

Llanerch Vineyard

A wedding day can be very tiring though not least for the bride and groom! Here’s my advice for a happy wedding season. Drink some water, take a break if you need to and for goodness sake take flat shoes for the dancing! Cough cough 37 strikes again! Have fun this wedding season especially if it’s your own!

Only four weeks until the next one!

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