Cold Burgers or The Chef Paradox

Supper time.

So it’s Friday night. I just got home from work. Friday night was as cruel a mistress as ever.


Service was amazing! Everyone gave it their absolute all. The energy was incredible. Every plate went out on time. Hot, (or cold depending on section) fresh and looking beautiful.

This is what we do every day and we thrive on it.

“So what’s for supper?: You ask eagerly. “You chefs you must eat so well?”

Cold cheeseburger from Five Guys. I ate it on the sofa in my pyjamas with an obscenely large glass of middle of the road Sauvignon Blanc. T ordered it for me at 6:30 when he ordered his.

“Wait? You like cold burgers?” You ask.

“Well…” I reply

“It’s amazing how quickly you get used to them”

Shout out to every chef and their sub par supper tonight!

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