You should always end on a song…

So this has been it then. My last day in the kitchen. They say always end on a song so here’s my after work, for the last time, end of an era playlist.

Leaving on a Jet Plane, John Denver

The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon

KC Loving, Little Willie Littlefield

Good Riddance (Time of your Life), Greenday

1985, Bowling For Soup

Superman, Goldfinger

I listened to these over a glass of cheap brandy. As sad days go. Its not been too bad!

Chef Bex

That’s Chef Bex, Peace Out!

(Office Bex BTW will always be around)

It’s been a blast everyone! Please share your favourite moving on songs in the comments xx

3 responses to “You should always end on a song…”

  1. It’s my life – Bon Jovi

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  2. Bex I am sure that the next adventure you embark upon will be just as joyful as your time chefing. Don’t look back. Move forward into even more beautiful things. X

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  3. We will miss you so much, you were always a ray of sunshine!
    Ps thank you for the caramel!! All our love,
    The bar team

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