That ? Welsh ?

Good morning Bristol

Or in which I feel somewhat better…

Or in which my difficult decision is validated…

Or in which change is indeed as good as a rest…

OK so these taglines ate getting a little bit out of hand now not to mention I’m running out of words for my title! Forgive me but it is a rather exciting sentiment.

Of course I’m not rushing to say that my anxiety is cured ( a miracle! A miracle!) I know it doesn’t work like that. Sadly.

I have to say though that after my first week at the call centre I feel a lot better mind, body and soul.

On Friday I walked the 43 minutes to work. No the bus wasn’t cancelled. As far as I could see it was on time. ( a miracle! A miracle!)

I walked to work because it was a beautiful morning and for the first time in a long time I felt energised.


Excited for what the day would bring.

The sun was shining. Bristol was as beautiful and as quirky as she ever is (even the Ents love her!)

I took a deep breath. My ribs didn’t hurt. I didn’t start coughing. My feet didn’t sting.

I wasn’t trudging. Oh no. Not a trudge in sight.I was striding. Can’t really remember the last time I strode. Probably around 2007.

It does feel strange and a little sad to have finally left the kitchen. I’m still not used to sitting down. I’m certainly not used to having a break every two hours. That’s skiving surely? It can’t be right?

I can however get on board with 11pm bedtimes, 8 hours sleep every single night and all the hot meals I can eat! Sat at a table might I add!

I’ll always love hospitality of course but for me, for now. I definitely made the right call!

One response to “That ? Welsh ?”

  1. šŸ’—šŸ’—šŸ’— the beginning of a happier life.

    Welldone, a brave but in the end the right decision.


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