The Sound a Squirrel Makes

Another one for T

It was on our walk.

Sunday before lunch.

This time we heard the squirrel.

Before we saw it.


I said to you.

A bird?

You asked.


The squirrel.

I laughed.

There are days,

That I regret ,

Just how late we met.

You smile


I am good at.


Not so much.

We met.

You said.

When we were supposed to.

Two years ago.

We saw the squirrel.

Before we heard it.

Late as it was.

We still have things that we learn together.

Like the sound a squirrel makes.

Hey Squirrel Friends!

One response to “The Sound a Squirrel Makes”

  1. Jodie Chilcott avatar
    Jodie Chilcott

    This is such a beautiful metaphor of a poem ❤️


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