Oh wouldn’t it… be adequate.

Hint, yes. It would

An adequate day. In an adequate neighbourhood. In an adequate city. By an adequate girl.

So I’m going to be perfectly honest here. Mental health wise. it’s not been such a great week for me. On the surface I am fine. Logically I am fine.

Nothing wrong. Just a normal human here. Yeah just me a human. Humaning normally. Nothing to see here.

“It’s only a matter of time before they find you out you know”

Thus spake my brain. All week.

When nobody was looking.

The thing about people.

The one thing.

About people.


You can’t get away from this thing.

The thing about people.

Is that they love you.

To people you are the stars in the sky, the light in the tunnel. The cream in the coffee.

The problem is that I’m lactose intolerant. I of course am joking. But not about the lactose. That’s a serious matter.

No the problem is not that people love you. The problem is that you are constantly told to love yourself.

I have written about toxic positivity before and I have to say that the idea that you need to learn to love yourself . That to me is a top five answer.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t love yourself of course. If you do, that’s awesome. If I know you I’m sure I love you too. If I don’t hell I probably still do!

This is the thing. I love lots of people.

But I don’t really love myself.

I don’t usually hate myself anymore either.

When my mental health is bad what I aspire to be is a normal human. Humaning normally.

What I aspire to do is look at myself in the mirror and say

“Damn girl. You’re doing Ok”

If loving yourself sometimes feels like a tall order then that’s OK. You don’t have to. Despite anyone telling you otherwise.

Other people love you. I promise you that.

To yourself.

Give a little smile.

Give a little nod.

You’re doing OK


Oh wouldn’t it…

Be adequate!

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