If looks don’t matter…

Then why does anxiety have to be so ugly. Now we don’t take too kindly to toxic positivity around here. Don’t take too kindly to toxic negativity neither.

OK hold on what was that first line again? Yes. I know! I know! That definitely sounds like a pretty toxic statement.

There’s so much value tied into human beauty that the word ugly has almost become a taboo. When you dare utter the u word. People will rush to deny it. People will try to correct you.

People. There they go again loving you.

And once again I am not saying that they shouldn’t. One of my biggest troubles with trying to overcome my anxiety has been trying to move away from meeting it with scorn and contempt and moving more towards treating it with kindness and compassion.

Cough cough, first line, cough.

Yes thanks I get it.

The thing is though is that anxiety can look physically ugly.

When I’m slumped on my kitchen floor, with my unwashed and unbrushed hair. My ugly old grey dressing gown. My pale tear stained face.

You can be kind to me (I mean please please do be kind to me.) I can be kind to me.

But let’s be realistic here you can’t say at that moment that I look beautiful.

This is the reality of what anxiety can look like.

Anxiety can feel ugly. Anxiety can act ugly. Anxiety can certainly look ugly but what do looks matter? Let’s treat it with kindness anyway.

After all whatever our mental health looks like aren’t we all worth more than our physical beauty?


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