Let’s Hear It For the Boy

No I don’t mean T. Although that boy is an absolute Saint for always standing by my side.

I have a new man in my life now and he has absolutely stolen my heart. Everybody say hello to Pan.

Pan came to live with us about six weeks ago. He’s just a big kitten really around 8 months old. He’s full of beans and into everything.

Cat and his bat.

This isn’t just cat spam, honest. Though I don’t think anyone would mind if it was. It is well understood that having a pet is great for your mental health.

Well my mental health is once again pretty shoddy I’m afraid to say. My physical health is not so great either. Just a really bad cold don’t worry. Its been a pretty miserable week, but having Pan by my side has made it so much easier.

Always by my side.

Maybe he knows I’m not doing so great because he’s barely left my side all week. I hope you’re focusing more on Pan in this photo. I’ve written before about the ugly side of anxiety but it has nothing on the common cold.

Having Pan around has just given me a little more purpose. A lot more joy. Some company whilst Ts at work.

I’ll get through this. I always do. It just takes a little bit of rest. A little bit of therapy. And a little bit of love.

It does mean they love you when they sit on your chest and put their butt in your face right?

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