Goats Milk Therapy

No, it’s not the latest overpriced beauty fad, although it is very good for the skin.

As you all know, my mental health has been particularly shoddy for the past few weeks. It’s not just been the anxiety, depression has tried very hard to dig in its claws too. What’s a great deterrent for the old black dog?

Well, as it turns out, a young white goat!

Celia, Crumpet and Cleo

Three, in fact! Say hello to my new favourite girls. For the past few weeks I have been helping out with the Street Goat Project at Begbrook.

“Street Goat’s mission is to develop a network of community projects in which local people collectively manage and care for livestock in urban areas, to produce milk, fibre and meat” It’s truly an amazing idea and one that I am fully on board with!

Caring for these amazing girls has been an absolute tonic to me. Getting out in the fresh air and doing some good old-fashioned hard work. It’s not a cure, of course. I’m never ever going to parrot that nonsense. Right now, though, it is helping me no end.

Who knew goats were so friendly? Honestly, they are just like big, lovely old dogs. Celia is the boss. Greedy and boisterous but with a soft side too. Cleo is quiet and curious. Crumpet is a friendly, happy girl. Well, until you get her into the milking stand.

Ready for milking!

Yes, I’ve been learning to milk too. Turns out I’m pretty decent at it. Celia gave me 650ml on Thursday.

Should have been a milkmaid!

I made most of it into cheese earlier. The rest the cat gets for his supper. Lucky Pan!

I heart cheese!

Blessed are the cheesemakers! Thanks girls! Thanks Street Goat!

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